Style Line

Style Line is a store that sells beauty products, women’s accessories, and toys.

Brand Analysis
This stage focuses on understanding market trends, competitors and their directions, and finding the right positioning for the brand by leveraging advanced expertise in the field. It also involves identifying the competitive space that we will use in communication methods by utilizing the diversity of the brand’s identity colors to show the strength of its style line in the diversity of its sections. In light of this, our team at Taibah Advertising focused on the artistic and marketing aspects that enhance the goals of the Style Line brand.

Brand Activation
To work on Style Line‘s brand image and showcase it in a distinctive way, we focused on two types of brand identity. The first type is visual identity, which includes the logo, colors, fonts, and images. The second type is the sonic identity, which includes the tagline, Line Tag, which we focused on in this type.

A tagline is a short, memorable phrase that captures the essence of the brand and helps convey the appropriate marketing message to customers. To create a Line Tag that reflects the essence of Style Line, we relied on marketing criteria of simplicity, reflecting the brand’s vision and purpose. That is why we proposed several Line Tags to choose from, so that the brand’s message and promise can be conveyed through the chosen Tagline.

Brand Personality 
Brand personality refers to a set of characteristics and traits associated with the brand, which are the same human characteristics that make up the personality of any individual. Through our analysis of the Style Line brand, we have built a personality based on what Style Line offers in terms of products and its targeting of a certain customer segment. This personality will be reflected through the marketing content and the brand’s style of interacting with customers.

Design Concept
In designing the brand identity, it was taken into consideration that it should be proportionate to the target audience (primarily females and secondarily children). The logo design reflects feminine traits through its curves and variations in the lines. Additionally, the idea of uniqueness and understanding the target audience is conveyed by reversing the letter “S” and integrating it with a connected line to form the infinity symbol, which signifies that Style Line is always with you through its products.