A café that serves specialty coffee, and the name Marum comes with the meaning of heaven in some of the ancient Semitic languages.

The identity logo was built using a wordmark logo style (which relies on the name of the brand), and this style was used to directly embed the name in the recipient’s mind. To link the name to the sky, a bird symbol was added, which is associated with the sky.

The font was created specifically for the brand, and its suggestions include fluidity and simplicity. Emphasis was placed on its readability, and from an artistic perspective, there was integration between the name written in Arabic and Latin letters, with proportional and equal thickness between them, and a clear and direct connection between them.

Suitable colors were chosen to match the meaning of the name, which is the sky. Therefore, a shade of the sky color was chosen, which is the Tiffany blue color that is distinctive from what is commonly used, and the other color is a darker shade of blue, and the two colors are harmonious and complement each other.