Elegant Glam

A brand specialized in selling beauty and skin care products, characterized by simplicity and distinctive modern service

Our mission at Taiba Advertising is to create a special identity for the entity through
• Creating semantics related to identity
• Focus on showing the element of elegance in the logo
• Focus on making the output fulfill the meaning and type of entity service

Logo Idea
The first letters of the ELEGANT GLAM were merged, which are E and G from the words ELEGANT GLAM. The merging was done professionally so that the letters have the same shape with different angles. In the case of the letter “E,” the lowercase “e” was used, which made a clear distinction in the name of the entity. In addition to the previously created elements, a simple touch was added to the entire logo, which is a symbol that contains two symbols: the sparkle, which is associated with the name of the entity, Glam, and the crown symbol, which represents luxury and elegance.

The colors used are related to the target audience and also to the specific field of the brand. Therefore, colors with a feminine character that are closely related to cosmetics were chosen.

An Arabic font also was created specifically for the entity, which is characterized by its readability and clarity.