A chocolate store in Medina that pays attention to the smallest details in crafting and presenting chocolate, and is known for its elegance and luxury, LaVanitas is not just a chocolate store, but a wonderful experience that transports you to another time. As part of LaVanitas’ new direction, a coffee lounge will be opened alongside the existing chocolate store, to create a complete experience for every visitor, starting with distinctive breakfast options with drinks and coffee, in addition to the wonderful and unique chocolate. Our team at Taybah Advertising aims to share this direction with the customer, by developing the previous identity and creating visual elements that keep up with this development that the customer aspires to, and which creates a complete experience for visitors.

Undoubtedly, the previous logo has resonated with customers who have loyalty to the brand, and many of them surely remember the logo and recognize it at first glance. Therefore, what has been previously achieved has been taken into consideration so that the development does not completely eliminate what has been done before, but rather involves the development of the brandmark by simplifying the icon, and the wordmark artistically in terms of the text used in the logo, which was based on the previous Damask logo, while retaining the Damascene decorative pattern style.